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Random Writing
One day there was a girl walking through the woods. She didn't even know who she is. As she was walking she came across a baby horse lying in the grass. She didn't see the mother. so the girl picked up the baby and took it home. When she came to her house she laid the baby down. She then walked to the wall of her cave. Yes her house is a cave. She woke up one day in it. So she drew a picture of the horse on the wall.
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 7 3
Friends For Life
Friends For Life
We are friends
We are like sisters
I will also have your back
You will have mine
I will help you with anything
Sometimes It can't be fixed
When I see you cry
I want to cry because that's how much I care
When I see you hurt
I just want to smash the badass you did this to you
We will fight
It really wouldn't matter
Who is wrong or who is right
If you have a broken heart
I'm here to mend it
Till the very end
Please don't cry
Just let all go
I will be with you
Let go of your fears
Hand in Hand
I will be your best friend
Love is sent between us
We'll be friends
Till the very end
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 9 4
Until The End
Until The End
Last night I wonder
Why I couldn't just die
I then realize I have a friend
Who cares about me
You would be heart broken if I was gone
I helped you
You helped me
We share our problems
If I was gone
What would you do without me
Would you fall apart
Would you blame on you
Would you die to be with me
Friends are here
To keep you safe
To keep you alive
Till the very end
I hope we stay friends
Until the End
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 7 7
You are always in my head
Am I really dead
The pain is to much to bear
I wish it would all end
Suicide Suicide You're in my head
I feel myself drifting from this world
I can't bare the pain anymore
It hurts to much
I am giving up on things
The abuse is to much
Suicide Suicide Please take me now
I don't want to be here anymore
Suicide suicide make me disappear...
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 11 15
My OC List
The title says it lol. I'm looking for some people who are willing to draw my oc's for me. (Once I get use to my tablet I will draw them myself) I also need permission from you to submit them into my galley. I will have your name and the link to your drawing. Here is what the ears look like so I don't have to try and explain them.
Ok now here is the list of the characters.
Layla (True form)
A really tall monster, red, furry, horns, long claws, blood red eyes, a crown with electric sparks coming off it
Edward (True form)
Tall monster, bluish green color, really really furry, horns, claws, dark blue eyes, and Hades symbol in his chest
Hades (Male) (God)
Here is an image of Hades You can change him a bit if you like.
Zeus (Male) (God)
Aspen (Female)
Short, short black hair, wears leather all the time, carries a sword with her all the time, a whitish blue for eyes
Codey (Male)
Tall, short black hair, brown eyes, wears a black pair of pants and a white shirt, muscular
Sparta (Human) (Male)
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 7 14
Wild Horse
Aloft in the wild wind
I run through the plains
Run through the night sky
I see the would in a different eye
I'm powerful and beauty
I have strength and grace
I have all the spirits running through me
I'm the pride of the herd
I have many sisters and brothers
Some who had died
Some who were captured
I now more protected over my land
We come in many colors
No two of us look the same
The Shortm the tall the long of mane are never the same
I know the chance
I have so many fears
I life on the edge of death
I carry my load through pride
Through storms and through the calm
I'm vigilant and bold
I have died in my battle
I was killed by a man
Hunted by my hunter as I roamed the land
I have no more room to roam
I have no more grazing lands
I was captured
I was shot
I was sold by the pounds
Yet my spirit survives
Sometimes an insurmountable course
I'm wild
I'm feral
I'm a Mustang
I am a Wild horse
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 9 10
A Horses Reflection
I see myself in this wild thing
Maybe It's old or it's new
What could this be
I'm not really sure but I see another horse
I didn't know time could be so pure
I just want to know who reflection it could be
It doesn't look like me
It has hooves just like me
It doesn't look like me
It is ringing through my thoughts
What could this weird thing be
What is the purpose of it
Why am I here as I canter near
What is my need on this world
I just want to be like my father
I want to be a strong and pride stallion
I want to a racer like him
I don't know but I like Life's
Meaningful purpose
Let me be like my prideful father
Or like my loving mother
This is my reflection of my later life
Unless it stops short of slaughter
Don't let that happen to me
I have so much to learn and so much to do
I want to have kids some day
Let us live....
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 11 8
In the Pasture
I'm running free
In this wide area
My mane is flowing with the wind
My tail is trailing behind me
My Sweat is glistening in the sunlight
All the stallions gallop around me
Watching me like I'm a fool
All the foals are bucking around me
All the other mares are grazing softly
In this sweet pasture
One day you took me out
You lead me into a trailer
I thought we were going for a ride
Until I seen the Slaughter House
I don't know what I did wrong
I never made one mistake to be here
I was slaughtered to the end
Now I'm in the pasture in the sky
As some of you may know
This is not right
I will always gallop in the wind
Into your hearts
Some will love us
Some will kill us
Some don't care
Take care of us...
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 8 5
Save Them
I tried my best to save her
Other confess about it
For the few minutes I had with her
I gave her my heart
You see the ending of this story already
It was written without much hope
I knew she would die at the hands of that horse trader
It was more than I could cope with
It was much to high
For my baby's sake we paid the price
Even though with that money we could of bought
Something really nice
You couldn't see the color of her coat
She was so thin
As she backed out of that trailer
She was so happy
It only took a few hours to decide
We spent that money well
She became so sweet
She was named as Honey
Timing was cruel
We have so much to learn in life
I came home one day
Honey was giving up her fight
She was going in her stall
She would kneel down
Tears soon form in my eyes
Honey looked at me
Please don't cry master
Fot the first 18 months of my life
I felt like I living in Hell
This Last month
All as been well
You gave me love
You made sure I was well fed
You gave me a place to call home f
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 9 21
A longing
You will always be in my mind and you will always be in my heart even if we are never together.
I will always think about you, dream about you, and carry your name in my heart.
I will love you till death comes even if we never look at each other or be together.
I will always think about you.
I will always love you
You are such a great friend
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 11 7
I lost friends
I lost love
I lost trust
I lost everything I loved
I lost my buddy
I lost everything I once loved to do
I lost the love in writing
I lost the love in taking pictures
Lost is what I now live on
Lost is what I feel like everyday
Lost is nothing
I wish I was lost in the woods
I wish I could be lost in a dream
Lost in something I love
Lost with my family
Lost with my buddy
I lost everything through lies
I lost every moment of happiness
I wish I could be back were I belong
Lost is nothing
I wish Lost would go away
Lost is to much for me
I lost love
I lost trust
I don't want to loose you
I would be lost in this world
Please get me through the lost
Lost is something I wish I could avoid.
Lost is a drug
It swallows you whole
Lost is an addiction
Lost must go...
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 14 8
I hurt alone
It is so easy for you just to walk away
It is so easy for you just to look away from me
It is so easy for you just to look right through me
It is so easy for you just to distance yourself from me
It is so hard for you to reach out to me
It is so hard for you to see the depth of my despair
It is so hard for you to really see me for who I am
It is so hard for you to really care about me
It is so easy for you to hear
It is so easy for you yo judge me
It is so easy for you label me
It is so easy for you to bask in your joy
It is so hard for you to listen to me
It is so hard for you to understand me
It is so hard for you to acquainted me
It is so hard for you to feel my pain
It is so easy for you to bewilder at me
It is so easy for you believe what people think about me
It is so easy for me to look away
It is so easy for me to cry
It is so easy for me to walk alone
It is so easy for me to just push you away
It is hard for me to hide my feelings that show in my eyes
It is hard for me to talk
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 19 11
The Death of Me
Everyone tries to tear me down
I won't let them try
They try to pick me because they think they are better
They break my heart
Then they will try to fix what they have done
They love to play with my emotions
Like they don't even care how I feel
It hurts me to be treated this way for your entertainment
You could be the death of me
Your cruel words
Your members
What did I ever do to you
You try everything to tear me down
You get mad because it don't work
Then you mess with my emotions
Like it is no big problem
You could be the death of me
You probably wouldn't care
You would probably laugh like it was something you enjoy
I can't stand being treated this way for your entertainment
You could be the death of me
You and your cruel words
Your members that you control
Why did you choose me
I don't want to keep living this way
I don't want to be killed by your words
You wouldn't care
You would want me gone
You could be the death of me
Your cruel words
They sink so far in
You messed with my emot
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 14 5
I'm so torn
I can't take your games anymore
It is tearing me apart and making every one think I'm a attention grabber
In my heart I feel sorry for you
I'm just torn because you torn me away from something I love
You are trying your best to make me tear
I'm trying so hard not to let that happen
Sometimes you get my soft spots
I'm so torn
Your games are just to much
You think it is fun to see me in pain
Your group of friends love to see me in pain
Sometimes I just wish I could of ended it sooner
Then we wouldn't be here today
I wish I said goodbye
You wouldn't even say goodbye to me
I'm so torn
Today I don't know what went wrong
What did I ever do to be like this
I have never felt this torn in my life
Now I will feel it this time
I don't want my high schools years to go this way
Your high school years are something you are suppose to remember
I don't want to remember mine
You torn me so much I am still trying to heal
I have people who care about me
I don't even know them in real life and
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 13 7
Scarf of Hate
I'm standing here in front of you
I have tears rolling down my face
I use to be so happy
Now look what you turned me into
I now hold a scarf of hate
It use to be pink with love and friendship
Now it black and full of hatred
Look at all the people you turned against me
I try to set boundaries so you can't hurt me anymore
You still get through them
I now hold a scarf of hate
With every single moment
The scarf as fallen to the ground
I collapse to the floor
The scarf flies away but all hatred in it has hit me
I started to drown into the ground
My heart has finally collapsed
Everything I loved is now gone
My heart is in pain
My black heart has been killed by your words
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 15 4
I did nothing wrong
I can love what I want to love
I can hate what I want to hate
You still bring down the pain on top of me
I did nothing wrong to be treated like this
I am your live victim for your joy
I take your words in to prove I can stand tall
You still try to bring the pain on top of me
You still try to get violence to end me
I will not quit to make you bully me so more
I will not keep taking your words in
Move on should be your new motive
I did nothing wrong for you to treat me like this
Just open your eyes
Tell me what you see through your eyes
Is it full of hate
Is it full of friendship
You wouldn't have to answer that
I already know the answer
I did nothing wrong to be treated like this
I have a job to do and I'm not letting you to try and stop it
I did nothing wrong...
:iconmunches2008:munches2008 13 0



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Welcome to the Are you Random Club. Here we do are best and show the best. We are currently trying to get active members.
Here are the rules to this club.

1) No swearing
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4)I will allow text talk
5) Just have fun

We need more members.

So with this more members thing there will be a little contest. Who ever gets the most points win. The Prize will be a Ribbon.(I know stupid) There will be ribbons for the following.

So get busy lol. Let me know if you are going to be in the contest.

Also try to get us out there


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